Bhutan Trekking

Trekking in Bhutan is unlikely any other Trek, one may be accustomed to in other parts of the Himalayas. There are no casual-stroll routes, only real adventure for the truly out doors person. The weather can be relentlessly in its bad spells, and is more windy, damp and cold. Trekking in Bhutan is not an individual sport. Such daring can be dangerous, even fatal. The Terrain in Bhutan is rugged and demanding, with little or no inhabitation for a long stretches.

The routes are not mapped or marked, with the chances of Trekkers getting lost. Our Trekking guides, who are mentally and physically fit for this kind of adventure, will accompany the Trekkers. We, the Bhutanese Travel Agents/ Tour operators have all the necessary equipments to standard mandated and frequently inspected by the Department of Tourism. Equipments and Trekking habits have to conform to the Department of Tourism rules, strictly implemented with the objective of protecting Bhutan’s intact environment and preserving its pristine beauty

What to bring for a trek in Bhutan?

Personal clothing: strong normal clothing (according to season). Preferably cotton even for summer, woolen clothing for the evening and winter.

For trekking, one must bring:
1. Sleeping bag (down, 0-5 degree Celsius)
2. Strong comfortable trekking boots – water-resistant for the rainy period-June-August.
3. Sunscreen
4. Flash light
5. Rain coat (especially for rainy period –June-August)
6. Head gear/hat/cap; sun and rain protection
7. Water pills – for extra caution in purifying stream; (boiled water is provided at all times during the trek)
8. Aspirin – incase of altitude sickness
9. Lots of socks
10.Warm clothes

1. Sunglasses
2. Head gear
3. Folding umbrella (only for wet months-July and August
4. One towel
5. Pillow case
6. Wet-packed tissue paper


One guide, cook, helper, horses/ yaks, tents, mattresses, meals and all other trekking accessories