Takin Festival

Takin Festival will be held every year at Tsharijathang to showcase Bhutan’s rich natural heritage, raise awareness on conservation of biodiversity, create avenues and strive towards financial sustainability of the park management, provide off-season ecotourism opportunities to the tourism sector, and provide supplemental income opportunities to the park residents, specifically the upland communities.

Tshajarithang is tucked away in the rugged wilderness of the Jigme Dorji National Park (JDNP). The widespread collection of natural salt licks in this area favored by the Takins makes this the best place to view some of the largest wild herds of Bhutan’s curious-looking national animal. According to Bhutanese legends the Takin was created when the ancient tantric master, Lama Drykpa Kunley, performed a miracle at the end of a feast to please his devotees. It is said that he took the remains of his meal, which included the bones of a goat’s head and a cow’s body and reassembled them into a new creature which became the Takin an explanation for its uncommon resemblance to both animals. Considered vulnerable spices worldwide, healthy populations of the animals are found roaming wild on the Tsharijathang plains and neighboring valleys of Soe, Thongphu, Dodena, Rimchu, Tshachuphug, Lunana and Ramena several times a year. Accommodations in the region are basic with many campgrounds route. This is mainly an excellent opportunity to experience the great outdoors and sleep under the stars. At Tsharijathang, bed down in a yak hair tent.