People and Culture

People of Bhutan
The Bhutanese people are generally warm, simple, hardworking and open. They are peace loving with lively sense of humor. There are three main ethnic groups in Bhutan, Sharchop in the east, whose origins can be traced back to the tribes of northern Burma and northeast India, Ngalops in the west, who migrated from Tibet and the Lhotsampas in the south, who are of Nepali origin.

Culture of Bhutan

Although both religion and the institution of monarchy are integral part of the people, it is the general extensive perpetuation of tradition that is possibly the most striking aspect of Bhutanese culture. This is most overtly reflected in the nature of dress and architecture. All Bhutanese continue to wear the traditional dress, men wears gho, a long gown hitched up to the knee so that its lower half resembles a skirt and women wears kira, an ankle-length robe somewhat resembling a kimono. Generally colorful apparel, the fabrics used range from simple cotton checks and stripes to the most intricate woven designs of silk.